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Liverpool's Irish Connection
Michael Kelly

Liverpool author Michael Kelly is launching his latest and long awaited book LIVERPOOL’ S IRISH CONNECTION at Editions, 16 Cooke on 19th December 2006, 11am-2pm.  Liverpool's Irish Connection, tells the story of many notable (Liverpool-Irish) people, who in the main helped in the development of Liverpool in the early part of the 'Industrial Revolution'. Included in the book are chapters dedicated to Nurse Agnes Jones, Michael James Whitty, James Muspratt, Percy French, Patrick (Dandy Pat) Byrne and James William Carling. The book, priced at 9.99 is published by A J H Publications. Some of the people featured in his book are also briefly mentioned in the Liverpool Notables on the Liverpool Heritage Forum’s web site.

"Michael Kelly’s writing is driven by love of his native
Liverpool, which reaches back to his ancestral Ireland.
In this collection of short biographies, Michael becomes
the friend of his subjects, rather than a mere researcher.
He writes of them because he is one of them, an Irish
Liverpudlian in the grand old tradition."
David Charters of the Liverpool Daily Post

Liverpool's Irish Connection, can be purchased from the author, priced 9.99 (plus P&P 1.50):

Michael Kelly,
255 Sandbrook Road,
L12 2AG