St Philip Neri, RC Church (1)
Catharine Street, Liverpool L8

Picture taken on Saturday 22nd May 2004, donated by Jonathan P. Neill
(Now the Combined Universities' Chaplaincy)

Designer: P.S. Gilby/Matthew Honan
Sculptor: Tom Murphy

  David Lewis credits the design to P.S. Gilby but Pevsner credits the initial design to Matthew Honan who was killed in World War I, the execution being completed by M.J. Worthy and Alfred Rigby and the church being opened in 1920. The carvings of Christ, the Madonna with child and a life size Last Supper above the doorway were by Tom Murphy, Pevsner suggesting they were added after 1945. This sculptor is not the same Tom Murphy whose contemporary work is found throughout Liverpool from the 1990s onwards. The adjacent Garden Of Our Lady, can be glimpsed through the grill to the left of the entrance, it was created by Dr. John Garvin from a bomb site.

Filippo Romolo de' Neri went to Rome to study in 1533 and was generally credited with bringing Christianity to all regardless of class or education. He brought the liturgy to common people and wrote prayers in the vernacular, his evangelic success was such that he is sometimes called 'The Apostle of Rome'. He built an oratory over his church and concerts of sacred music were played there, giving rise to the musical genre the 'Oratorio'

Sources:, library, Pevsner Architectural Guides; Liverpool by Joseph Sharples, & Walks Through History: Liverpool by David Lewis

Alan Maycock 2007


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