Melly & His Drinking Fountains

Byrom Street & Article on Debate about Downtown  Drinking Fountains 

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County Road

Great Howard Street

Picton Road

(4 Pictures)

Prescot Road
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Salthouse Dock
(2 Pictures)
West Derby Road
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Wellington Monument

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Woolton Road

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Refurbished Woolton Road Melly

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Prince's Dock
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Prince's Dock No.2

Nelson Dock
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Prince's Dock
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Regent Road/Regent Street
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Richard Vaughan Yates
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Charles P. Melly
(Plaque at Ullet Road Unitarian Church)

Charles P. Melly Picture and an Article

Sketch of a Melly Fountain

A Melly Fountain at Nuneaton

Charles P. Melly, an Officer in the Childwall Rifles

Charles P. Melly's Grave

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My definition of a Melly Drinking Fountain:
1. It is a simple Drinking Fountain made of red Aberdeen Granite
2. It appears on Charles P. Melly's list of 1858
3. It was erected by Melly or his son between 1854 & 1889