Rev. John Johns
Ullet Road Unitarian Church

Picture taken on 26/04/2005, donated by Pat Neill

the Memory of
 The Rev. John Johns.
first Minister to the Poor of
the Liverpool Domestic Mission Society.
Born a poet and having his nature delight in a Poet's
contemplation of the Works of God he left retired
Ministry that seemed most congenial to to him. amid the
calm beauty of his native Devon. and became the Friend
and daily companion of the poor in crowded woe worn streets.
there to draw forth the holier beauty of man's spiritual nature
in conditions of severest trial and to find himself a more
real Communion with God in the faith patience and penitence
of the most afflicted of His children.
He lived in the spirit of his great office and died its
sacrifice. In a time of Pestilence the Death Angel met him
across the bodies of the stricken,
whom he was tending with his own hand.

Born in Plymouth. March 17. 1801
Appointed Minister to the Congregation of English
Presbyterians. Credited Devon January 21. 1821.
Became First minister to the Poor. Liverpool.
December 16. 1836 Died June 23. 1847

 The Rev. John Johns is the only non Catholic minister to die of Typhus in 1847 in Liverpool, as far as I know.

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Thanks to George Craig of the Unitarian Church,
Ullet Road for giving us the permission to take and publish this photograph

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