Christopher Rawdon
The Cloisters, Ullet Road Unitarian church

Picture taken on 26 April 2005, donated by Pat Neill

Elm House West Derby Liverpool
This Monument, in a spirit of affectionate
Respect, is errected by his Friends and Fellow-
worshippers, who honoured him as a good 
Citizen, an earnest Lover of Truth and
Liberty and a Christian Gentleman
The last years of his advanced life, amidst
infirmary and suffering were devoted to the
establishment of a Fund, to which he and his
brother James Rawdon, a Brother in all good
works, munifirently contributed, for the support
Ministry, and for a Free Gospel
among his poorer fellow Christians.
Born at Halfax, April 13. 1780
Died at Elm House, Octr 22. 1858

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Thanks to George Craig of the Ullet Road Unitarian Church,
for giving us the permission to take and publish this photograph

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