Garden Festival Site, Liverpool
(Karen Fletcher wants to find a use for the Garden Festival Space)

Latest News from Karen: 'The campaign is at it's height at the moment, because of our successful campaigning we've had the planning application "called in" and the the public inquiry begins 30th October. We also have a public event organised for Saturday 27th October 2007 at The Old Police Station, Lark Lane, L17. All interested people welcome to attend.'

A committee has been formed to mount a campaign to find a new use for the Garden Festival Site.  To this end, a meeting was held 6:30pm Wednesday 4th April 2007 at St Michaels Cricket Club. At the meeting (which was very well attended with over 100 people and standing room only), it was decided that a public demonstration would be held on the prom near the Britannia pub at 2pm Sunday 15th April 2007. It is intended to hand out leaflets, petitions and show a display of the site's wildlife. We also intend to show the destruction and vandalism that has taken place over the years to this neglected site. The protest will all held in a 'festival' type atmosphere and possibly a march along Riverside Drive (pending permission/legality) or tour/inspection of the site.

Picture taken in 1984, donated by the Wood family

We want as many people as possible to attend, as this needs to be given a high profile. Very soon local elections will take place and a new planning committee may be formed. This neglected area of city, needs some tender love and care. This is not just an issue for the local residents, but the whole of Liverpool. Green spaces are rapidly becoming an urban concrete jungle with mass developers putting bricks and concrete on any available space. Developers are all trying to buy a piece of the 'capital of culture' and reap the rewards, by doing so, they are destroying more and more green spaces and wildlife havens, all in their process of making quick profits. The prom is a wonderful beauty spot not just for local residents, but also for visitors from outside Liverpool. Lets keep it as natural as possible and enjoy it along with the wildlife. We want  to halt this destruction, the clearing vegetation and chopping down of trees and shrubs is  destroying many wild life habitats and nesting birds in the process.

Picture taken in 2005, donated by an 'Urban Explorer'

Please support this important campaign, we need as many people as possible to get involved. Also if anyone has any ideas of how the garden festival site can be used and funded let us know i.e. government funding/grants of certain environmental projects? environmental big businesses etc? -  This is a big issue as the developers have the benefit of mega financial backing (and at a recent meeting said they were utilising some national funding redeveloping the garden site areas, so if they can do it maybe someone else with better ethics can?) .

Environmentally friendly suggestions have included:

We want people to do as much as they can, write letters to councillors, MP's local media etc.

Thanks for your support, this is something I feel passionate about, once its gone - its gone. So please help and stop trees being chopped down before it's too late.

Karen Fletcher

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