'Prince Of Wales Hotel' (1)
Corner of London Road / Moss Street, Liverpool

Picture taken on Friday 19th October 2007, donated by Pat Neill
(unattributed integral statues)

The corner building was formerly the Prince Of Wales public house. Set at 1st floor level in the rounded elevation are two statues of Prince Albert Edward and Princess Alexandra, the then Prince & Princess of Wales. The eldest son of Victoria and Prince Albert, he was known as Prince Albert Edward until his investiture as Prince of Wales. Born in 1841 he acceded to the throne only in 1901, becoming Edward Vll (there is an equestrian statue of Edward Vll at the Pier Head). He married Princess Alexandra of Denmark (daughter of King Kristian IX) in 1863. He was fond of horse racing, was known to engage in illegal gambling and had at least four mistresses throughout his life, including the actress Lily Langtry. His mother feared his lifestyle might be the undoing of the monarchy. After his accession he opposed universal suffrage and enraged Liberals by refusing to create more Liberal peers, effectively blocking the first steps towards the welfare state. Alexandra Palace takes its name from Alexandra Park in which it was built, the park being named after the Princess of Wales in 1863. The football club Crewe Alexandra, formed in 1887, were also named in her honour.

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Alan Maycock 2007


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