St Anthony of Egypt Statue (1)
St Anthony's RC church Scotland Road

Picture donated by Ron Formby

Wood Carved Statue of St Anthony of Egypt, 2004/2005

St Anthony’s Church, Scotland Road Liverpool.  Commissioned the statue and employed the Sculptor/Woodcarver Jon Sonntag to carry out design development and carving. The forty two inch high Lime wood statue, was to be of Saint Anthony of Egypt. Holding a bible in his right hand and crooked staff  in his left hand with a small Wild Boar at his left side.

The artist and sculptor Jon Sonntag researched the saint and the new design was developed by making a 14 inch high clay model of the saint. The clay model was photographed from two angles and sent to the client for comment and approval. Once carving had begun, photographs of the carvings development were supplied, with a final photograph at carving completion. It was then just a matter of deciding a finish, which was to slightly darken and wax polish the wood. 

Features of the new design                          

Artists reasons/notes 

The carving was sculpted by chisel only, no sandpaper or rasps used. Facets of the many cuts form the finish surface.

To leave the evidence of resilience and hard work as tribute to St Anthony

Slightly curved body and shrunken frame. Yet a strong face

To represent his great age yet  the strength to live in the desert to an age of 105 years

Swirling hair and beard with baldness

To show an outdoor weathered man of age

Small swirl of thin hair on forehead

To keep top of head balanced with large beard below

Drapery hanging from shoulders/arms with triangular folds

To show aged scruffy garments of the desert

Right hand flat on the Bible, not clasping, but pressing firm…tension

To show his love and care of the Bible

Figure and boar carved individually and joined

To enable full carving all round

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