Roman Standard (1)
Outside the Oratory, next to the Anglican Cathedral
Picture taken on Tuesday 5th July 2005, donated by Pat Neill 
Sculptor: Tracey Emin
Commissioned by the BBC:
March 2004
Cost: 60,000
Material: Bronze
Installed: February 2005
High: 13ft
  Emin says “This sculpture will be a symbol of hope, faith and spirituality. My Roman Standard represents strength but also femininity. Most public sculptures are a symbol of power which I find oppressive and dark. I wanted something that had a magic and an alchemy, something which would appear and disappear and not dominate," (The bird, which is the size of a sparrow, disappears when viewed from the front and only reappears as the viewer moves left to right). Julian Treuherz, keeper of art galleries for National Museums Liverpool describes the sculpture as bringing a new dimension to an area of Liverpool already rich in great historic buildings and historical associations.


Alan Maycock 2007


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