A Case History (1)
Hope Street

Picture taken on 6th April 2005, donated by Pat Neill
Sculptor: John King
  Commissioned by LIPA in 1998 and paid for by The Friends Of Camelot (i.e. you & me), each suitcase is labelled with a famous Liverpudlian's name. For some years, when the junction of Mount Street and Hope Street was still navigable by car, this piece appeared to sit in the roadway. Despite regular encounters road-rage would spring in my heart at the outrageous fly tipping before I recognised it as sculpture and calmed down. Usually photographed empty, the piece is best appreciated on a sunny term time day, when LIPA students sit on and amid the luggage to take lunch. The brass name tags are a puzzle, whilst some are undoubtedly famous Scousers, others are suggest business purchase /sponsorship. The new (2007) road modelling has removed the piece to a pedestrian platform, safer for both motorists and sculpture but slightly sanitised.

Alan Maycock 2007


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