The Bull Ring (1)
Trowbridge Street, rear of St Andrew's Gardens Flats

Picture taken on Saturday 8th July 2006, donated by Jonathan P. Neill

Designer: Stephen Broadbent
Unveiled by the Queen: 22nd July 1999 


Steven Broadbent is based in Chester and has many works in Merseyside & Cheshire. Near 'The Bullring', St Andrew’s Garden is a mural in steels and other building materials. It commemorates the life and times of people who lived in St Andrews Gardens. The laser cut images are based on real lives and stories garnered through consultation with St. Andrews Community Association, the Bronte Centre and Riverside Housing  Association, who funded the work. St Andrew’s Gardens were opened in 1935, designed by John Hughes under Lancelot Keay’s housing programmes. The interior sweep of encircling balconies prompted the nick name 'The Bullring'. Originally stretching all the way from here to Brownlow Hill but mostly demolished in the nineties, the scale of the original can be gauged by the surviving northern end, which is now student accommodation. You can read more about Broadbent and his work at:

Alan Maycock 2007


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