London Road

Picture donated by Alan Dunn

Artists: Alan Dunn and Brigitte Jurack
Fabrication: Andrew Brooks
Date: November 1995
Commissioners: The Furniture Resource Centre
Sponsored: Inner City Enterprises, Liverpool City Challenge,

The City of Liverpool Leisure Services Directorate, North West
Arts  Board and David McLean Contractors
Management & Support: London Road Development Agency

and Visfac Ltd.

Map of location via: Multimap


  In 1995 the artists were commissioned to create some thing for the vacant plot between The Furniture Resource Centre and Lord Warden Pub. Intended to remain in situ for 6 months and inspired by the 'Ray + Julie' graffiti pre-existing at the back of the site, the piece was installed in November 1995 and remains today. In over 10 years since, the chairs have; inspired poetry and guerilla performance, changed legal ownership, been case studies for public art maintenance, hosted chess and skateboarders, figured in a list of Liverpool's best-kept secrets and attracted a range of new graffiti. The latest spin-off is a series of billboard images placed in the Rope Walks area in autumn 2007. You can read more about the piece and the various spin-off projects at http://www.alandunn67.co.uk/rayandjulie2005.html

Alan Maycock 2007


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