Reconciliation (1)
Concert Street, Downtown Liverpool
Picture donated by Tony Siebenthaler

Sculptor: Stephen Broadbent
Founders: Varleys of St Helens
Height: 13ft 4in (4.06 metres)
Unveiled: 19th September 1990, by Dorothy M. Gavin (Lord Mayer of Liverpool)
Identical statues are located at Glasgow and Belfast
Total cost of the three statues: 50,000
Information about the piece

  At first there were three identical statues in Belfast, Glasgow & Liverpool, referencing to religious differences. Two more identical statues are now placed in Cotonou, Benin and in Richmond Virginia. With Liverpool they are three points in the slave trade triangle. The statues are a physical statement but the Reconciliation Project aims to link students in Benin, Richmond & Liverpool, building bridges that might overcome racial disadvantage and economic separation in schools and communities. It is also hoped to make a film on the life of Olaudah Equiano, the freed slave, who was active in the Abolitionist movement.

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