Red Between (1)
Sydney Jones Library, Chatham Street
Picture taken on Saturday 27th August 2005, donated by Jonathan P. Neill

Sculptor: Phillip King
Consists: Sculpture in steel, painted red


Phillip King was born in Tunisia in 1934, arrived in England in 1945, and studied modern languages at Cambridge University from 1954 to 1957. He began to make sculpture during his time at university and from 1957 to 1958 studied sculpture at St Martin's School of Art, where Anthony Caro was teaching. Red Between is one of three very similar but not identical sculptures, the others are Blue Between & Yellow Between. The piece was removed temporarily in 2006/07 during building work, it was due to re-appear with slight relocation in the autumn of 2007. The Sydney Jones Library (by Basil Spence) was one of the more distinguished modern buildings on the University campus but recent building work has re-orientated it north/south and linked it to The Senate House. Sydney Jones was four times Mayor of Liverpool, a High Sheriff of Lancashire, a partner in the Holt shipping business, patron of the arts and a generous University benefactor, donating all the houses on the north side of Abercromby Square and the vice chancellors residence ‘Eastbourne’ in Prince’s Park. You can read more about the sculptor and his work at:,111,AR.html

Sources: Pevsner Architectural Guides: Liverpool by Joseph Sharples & Royal Acadamy Web Site (see above)

Alan Maycock 2007


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