Rev. Hugh Stowell Brown (1)
Erected in Front of Baptist Church, Myrtle Street

Copy of a picture by Marsh, 23/11/1921 (Held at the Liverpool Record Office)

Sculptor: Francis John Williamson 
Statue: Marble (Standing figure)
Pedestal: Red Granite

Stowell Brown was a preacher and social reformer. His public lectures and work among the poor brought him great renown. On his death in 1886 a statue was raised outside his chapel facing the Philharmonic Hall across Myrtle Street. When the chapel was demolished in 1954 the statue was moved to the southern end of Princes Avenue. Following the Toxteth riots
of 1982, it was removed for safe keeping leaving an empty plinth. However the statue now lies broken and open to the elements in Croxteth Hall stable yard. A campaign to restore and re-home the statue is under way. President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, President of the Liverpool Branch of the Peace Society and Chairman of the Liverpool Seamen's Friendly Society.
Sources: Wikipedia, Liverpool Heritage Forum

Alan Maycock 2007


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