Martha Colbon

Colbon Martha died at 88 Becket Street Liverpool - wife of Private William Colbon, Royal Artillery. Martha Colbon was the daughter of George Tootle who was killed on the same night, 22 December, and listed as living in 48 Becket Street. Our understanding is that Martha was living in the same house with her mother and father, George and Jane Tootle in Becket Street so it would appear there could be some confusion about the house number (88 or 48?). George, Martha, and Patrick, a son of George and Jane Tootle and brother of Martha, were all killed in the same house in the bombing. Jane (Singleton) Tootle and her niece, Cissie Singleton who was visiting at the time, were trapped under the rubble of the house and although Jane could hear voices, the rescuers couldn’t hear or see them so she pushed her arm through the rubble, causing severe cuts to her hand, arm and neck and managed to get her hand through and move it around – which is how they were seen and finally rescued. Another niece, Josie Gore, had left the house not long before and was running home to her mother’s house in Fonthill Road when Beckett Street was bombed. Jane never recovered from the death of her family.

William Colbon, husband of Martha Tootle Colbon, was at sea and the ship he was on was torpedoed - he was adrift in a life boat for three weeks – on his rescue and return home he discovered his family had been killed in the bombing of Liverpool. Nevertheless he was returned to active service within a short period.

Information by  Marie Gore Lycett
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008