Lock-Up (Everton Toffee) (1)
Near Shaw Street

Picture donated by Dave Wood

Comments by Ged Fagan - 'Rupert Hill Castle' "as we called it in our younger days.
We were told it was from the times when all that existed were the hills leading up from the city
and it was where Prince Rupert fought with Cromwell's Roundheads.
We knew it more as a 'lock up' and stories were rife that somebody knew somebody who knew somebody
 that had been locked up in there by the police for being drunk but it was probably more of a tall story than a true one".

"I've seen Herdman's drawings of it existing very remotely so it must be old,
Molly Bushell's toffee shop apparently existed just east of it on browside,
and so the Everton nickname and crest was born.
It is sad to see the state of the steps nearby, surely something should be done with these." 

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