Buildings & Street Furniture

Ashton Building

Sir Andrew Barclay Walker

Super Lamb Banana

Central Hall

Bank Of England

Harold Cohen Library

Commercial Saleroom Building

Crown Pub

Cunard Building

(15 Pictures)

Florence Institute

Mersey Docks & Harbour Board

Duke's Terrace

(2 Pictures)


(16 Pictures)

Engineering Building

Everton Library

Eye and Ear Infirmary

Federation House

William Gladstone's Town Houses

(2 Pictures)

George Holt Physics Laboratory

Huskisson Mausoleum

'Liverpool Special' Post Box
lockup.jpg (280kb)
Lock Up, nr Shaw Street
(8 Pictures)


Mason's Building

(4 Pictures)

Arch, Mersey Tunnel


Pavilion, Abercromby Square

Pavilion, Falkner Square

'Penfold' Pillar Box


Radio City

Renshaw Chapel  Memorial

Royal Liver Buildings

(5 Pictures)

Science Lecture Rooms


Henry Tate, University College

The Veterinary Science Building

Victoria Building

Walton Road
unigthompsonyates.jpg (279kb)
Thompson-Yates Building
unizoology.jpg (297kb)
Liverpool University of Zoology

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