Federation House
Hope Street

Picture by Pat Neill
Architects: Gilling Dodd & Partners
  This building, next to the Philharmonic Hall was was designed by Gilling Dodd & Partners for The Building Trades Employers' Organisation. The first floor was for a time Liverpool Design Centre. The block in its entirety is now rented commercial office space. The faux-aztec screen was designed by William Mitchell and is manufactured in sculpted glass fibre. William Mitchell also designed the sculpted bell-tower frontis of The Catholic Cathedral and the huge main doors of that building. His own favourite work is the 'Egyptian escalator' in Harrod's London store. Other notable works include Watergardens 1 & 2 in Harlow new town.

Sources: Pevsner Architectural Guides: Liverpool by Joseph Sharples, http://vads.ahds.ac.uk/learning/designingbritain/html/housing.html



Alan Maycock 2007


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