Carl Bernard Bartels

The Bishop's Palace

Bluecoat Chambers

(4 Pictures)

Henry Booth

(2 Pictures)

James William Carling

(6 Pictures)


'The Chair'

James Clarke 

Arthur H. Clough

Billy Collins 

Cressington Park

(3 Pictures)

William Ralph, Dixie Dean

(2 Plaques)

Duke's Terrace

Dr. Duncan


John Foster junior
(2 Pictures)

French Prisoner's

(2 Pictures)

William Gladstone
(2 Pictures)

Thurstan Holland

Thomas Henry Ismay

Little Italy

(3 Pictures)

William Garmon Jones

(5 Pictures)

Jim Larkin
Plaque, Lime Strret Station, Liverpool
 Lime Street Station

Liverpool University Gymnasium

(2 Pictures)

James Maury

Nicholas Monsarrat

Nook Plaque


Nook Plaque

John Pearson

Pool of Life

Red Rum

William Roscoe

(8 Pictures)
royalirisplaque001.jpg (143kb)
Royal Iris

(2 Plaques)

John Sampson

(4 Pictures)

St Anthony's School

St Martin's Cottages 

Lytton Strachey 

Edward John Smith

Herbert Tyson Smith

Henry Tate

Ullet Road Unitarian church

Sir Andrew Barclay Walker

Roger Ward M.C.

Little Wales

(2 Pictures)

Blanco White

(5 Pictures)