The Bishop's Palace & Noel Chavasse Plaque
19 Abercromby Square, Liverpool University

Picture by Pat Neill
  Number 19, Abercromby Square, just west of The Senate Building Bridge was designed by William Culshaw for C.K. Prioleau, a confederate merchant and is said to be the grandest surviving 19th century house in Liverpool. In the 1880s it became The Bishop's Palace when the Liverpool bishopric was created. Bishop Chavasse lived here from 1900 onwards. Captain Noel Chavasse VC and Bar M.C. grew up here as one of identical twin brothers who both became Olympic competitors. Chavasse was the medical officer of the 1/10th Scottish Battalion of the King's Liverpool Regiment. He was the only man to win the Victoria Cross (the highest award for gallantry) twice during the First World War. On each occasion he showed great valour in returning to rescue fallen comrades, the second award being posthumous.

Sources: Pevsner Architectural Guides: Liverpool by Joseph Sharples &

Alan Maycock 2007


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