Downtown Week 2006 - Tyson Smith Walk & Talk (1)
(Julie talking about the Bluecoat project and Tyson Smith's workshop)
Doorway of the Athenaeum Club, Church Alley, downtown Liverpool

Picture taken on Saturday 17th June 2006, donated by Jonathan P. Neill

Bluecoat Chambers 

·       Location: School Lane

·       Built in 1717 as a charity school, this Queen Anne style building is grade I listed, as is the forecourt railings, the gate and gate piers

·       Architect unknown

·       Damaged in WW2, the Latin plaque of artificial stone shows the superb letter cutting skills and phrasing of Tyson Smith, it translates as: ‘Struck down from the sky by the firebrands of the enemy and partly destroyed on 4th May 1941 restored with dutiful affection in the year 1951’

·       Six of the cherubs on the keystones were replaced by Tyson Smith after the bomb damage, as was the pediment over the main door

The workshop of Tyson Smith was at the rear of the building. A commemorative plaque was sited on the wall but has been removed while the building work is in progress.

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